Automodelo Tamiya Rc Aero Avante Df-02




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This 4WD off-road buggy is based on Tamiya’s famous Mini 4WD called the Aero Avante. It was the first machine in the Mini 4WD AR Chassis line-up in 2012. It quickly became an extremely popular machine and Tamiya has re-created it in 1/10 scale for radio control enthusiasts. The buggy body is mounted on the proven DF-02 chassis. It is perfect for beginners and/or fans of Mini 4WD to take the plunge into the R/C world.

DF-02 Chassis:

The DF-02 chassis is a shaft-driven 4WD chassis featuring a longitudinally mounted motor and battery. Featuring an overall lower center of gravity, the DF-02 displays superior stability and handling. The chassis also features a wide bathtub design that easily accommodates battery and all R/C mechanism. The gearbox is fully sealed keeping dirt and stones out for easy maintenance and long-lasting performance.

Length: 390mm, Width: 249mm, Height: 145mm

Wheelbase: 266mm

Tread: 217mm (Front), 208mm (Rear)

Bathtub Type Chassis Frame

Shaft-Driven 4WD

F/R 3-Bevel Differentials

3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod

4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension

Tire Width/Diameter: 32/85mm (Front), 41/85mm (Rear)

CVA Oil Dampers Gear Ratio=9.58:1

Type 540 Motor

– Requires:

2-channel radio, servo, 7.2 volt battery & charger, and Tamiya PS polycarbonate paint


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